Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1 Month Progress Report

Last Friday was my 1 month mark. Monday was the start of "week 5". My total weight loss in 1 month is 12 lbs! I personally get excited about that number because that is a lot of weight in 1 month! Of course, the center says I am "behind" because I needed to be between 15-20 lbs down the first 4 weeks. But I am still going to pat myself on the back because 12 lbs. is a lot!

I have some really sweet co-workers that say they have noticed the difference in my clothes. I am 1 size down and some of my shirts are getting pretty loose.

Month 1 Report:
Weight Loss: 12 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 12lbs
Weight: 188 lbs
Motivation: B-*
Self Esteem: B+
Mental: B
Physical: B+

*Disclaimer for the motivation:
For some reason my body has decided to hold at this 12 lbs. for a week and a half. That is pretty discouraging when you are eating leaves and crumbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So once I get over this hump, I will feel better.

On top of the hold at 12 lbs, I have not pooped in a week and a half either. I asked my counselor what to do and she told me to drink hot water with lemon. I asked her about taking Miralax and she said it would count as a carb! Can you believe that? Well, this weekend I was willing to try anything. I did both. Nothing worked. I even sacrificed (HAHAHA) my diet and went for the "Sweet Potato Cheese Cake with Praline Crust" at my birthday dinner with my girlfriend Josie, thinking the junk and sugar would knock things around, and I promise that was the only reason, not because it sounded so good, or because I love sweet potatoes and cheese cake, and not because it was the BEST thing I have ever eaten in my life...

So I went in to the center Monday at the start of week 5, and they gave me this "cleansing tea". 3 cups later, I was home free. Boy do I feel better. And maybe I lost 5 more pounds because of it... we will see Friday!

One more thing... they added cheese back into my diet! I was soooooooo excited about this. I don't have to eat an egg for breakfast everyday anymore. I can have that or 2 oz. of Monterrey Jack or Mozzarella cheese with my grapes and crackers. I thoroughly enjoyed that on the way to work this morning!

It's the little things.

And no more cheating at least until Halloween. I am in it to win it until then. ;) I'm so bad...

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  1. Good job Ape!! I didn't have the constipation like you did when I was losing weight. I was also on a weight loose pill and at 6pm every night I had a nightly "cleansing" it was joyous!! How sweet life is when you take a great crap :) hahahahaha