Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1 of "Cleanse"

Okay, so I officially started today if I did not mention that yet. Today was Day 1 of 3 of the "cleanse" portion of the program. So let me tell you how it is going.

For breakfast I had 2 eggs with Lite Morton's Salt (required 1/4 Tsp a day to prevent muscle cramps) and poured the Lemon-Lime "Boost" powder in my water bottle and downed it. Neither were too bad, and I instantly felt full and energized when I got to work AND I was a bit of a chatty-kathy. But mission accomplished, I was full and satisfied. I have to say that the Lemon-Lime powder mixed in my VOSS water bottle looks a bit like that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze from when we were kids.

Snack: About 11:00 I was getting hungry, so I ate my 1/2 orange as directed, with my choice #1 of 2 protein supplements (an Orange-Pineapple protein drink). An orange is hard to eat at your desk, and I never eat oranges so I was getting it all over my face and juice is dripping down my shirt. I guess I need more practice. The protein drink smelt protein-y, and it tasted just okay. Glad I got the variety pack so I can try a different one tomorrow.

Lunch: At 1:00 I ate my "unlimited amount of protein" which I ate a few slices of turkey sandwich meat, and my "unlimited amount of green raw salad veggies" which was Italian Lettuce mix (on Manager's special, go Kroger!) and some broccoli and oil and vinegar dressing. Meh... but I was full. I also drank another Lemon-Lime boost mix/ooze, as directed.

Snack: I ate my other 1/2 of an orange as directed, making a mess of myself again, and then it was choice #2 protein supplement snack. This was a protein bar called Caramel Brownie. I have had protein bars before and I knew it wasn't anything to be excited about, BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! Ladies, ladies, ladies, this protein bar was a piece of heaven! It was like eating a 500 calorie Little Debbie snack. I enjoyed all 4 bites of it.

For dinner tonight I have to have a repeat of lunch. An "unlimited amount of protein" and an "unlimited amount of green salad veggies". Going home is what I get worried about because I know there is wine and cheese and snacks for the kids, and Denny is probably making something fabulous for dinner that I won't be able to eat. So think of me as I try to complete Day 1 without cheating.

Tomorrow starts Day 2 and I repeat the same ol' thing. But I go to my nutrition class at QWLC to find out what I can eat after the "cleanse".

Thanks for the support bloggers!


  1. Keisha sent me, and boy can I relate to your situation! I'm looking forward to reading about your progress. GO YOU!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I am loving all of the encouragement!

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  4. Just don't touch Rusty for like 48 hours after you drink that stuff, or …

  5. Tip for eating oranges - cut it into rings (like you'd cut a tomato), cut rings in half, enjoy! Way less messy!!

    You go girl!!!