Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The decision is made...

TMI alert! I plan on being very honest about myself and plan on giving gory details/stats on my weight loss and gain. So if you do not want to get that personal with me then do not read this blog. There.

I am about to turn 29 years old and I weigh the heaviest I ever have. I got on the scale after a summer of trying (and not trying) to lose some weight and I hit the 200 mark. THAT was an eye opener. I have spent my entire 20's overweight. This is how it all started, as this will probably sound familiar to a lot of people out there.

I started out to college at 17 years old. I weighed about 130-135 lbs and was a size 6 in women's and a 9 in juniors. I was smoking hot. By 19 I had definitely put on that "Freshman 15", and then some. I was dating a guy pretty seriously and got really comfortable. By the time we broke up, I was 20 years old and went to the doctor and weighed 164 lbs and was a size 10. I still looked pretty good, but the doctor advised me to get back to at least 160. What did I do? I ignored him and went on gaining weight. It was 4 lbs! I WISH that's all I had to lose now! And with a major in graphic design, all I did was eat and sit. By the time I started dating the lucky man I married, ;) I was about 175 lbs. and a size 10/12. I lived near my in-laws and since there was free food on the table every night-free country food- that is what I ate! When Denny and I got married I was hanging on 178-180 lbs. Although I did like the way I looked in my wedding dress, it could have been better. After a year of marriage, and eating horribly, I weighed in at 188 lbs. and was barely squeezing into my 14's and started having to buy 16's. THAT was my wake up call. So I joined a place similar to Curves, ate 5 small meals a day, watched what I ate, worked out 3 times a week, weighed in once a week with the trainer and lost close to 20 lbs. in 3 months. By the time me and Denny left for Miami to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, I was 172 lbs. and could get away with wearing a 2-piece! While in Miami, I got knocked up with my precious daughter Carly! I did pretty well with the weight gain during pregnancy. I think I weighed in at about 204 at the hospital before she was born. The weight from that fell off pretty quickly, but I did not lose it all. And about 2 years later I got pregnant with my son Logan weighing about 182 lbs. I weighed in at the doctor with him before he was born at 209 lbs. So needless to say, I did not do so well getting that weight off. I have spent the past year (he is 1 now) fluctuating up and down between 190 and 200.

So here I am now. Staring at the scale with that big "2" in front. So I got up, and on my way to work called QWLC and gave them a visit during lunch. The lady gave me her pitch, but I knew enough about the program to know that I already wanted to do it, and I really didn't care how much it cost. I figured out a way to pay over the next few paychecks adjusting some bills around and made my 1st of 3 payments. My neighbor across the street had great success with the program, and I had read some reviews and it does actually work if you STICK TO THE PROGRAM.

Here is my official "before" picture. Weighing in at 203 with clothes, shoes and a belly full of lunch. I never want to see that number again.  

So that is the point of this blog. I will be giving a play-by-play of how I do on the program and this will act as another point of accountability for me because that is the only way it works for me... the accountability of  strangers.


  1. Ape!! I LOVE your blog so I'm following. I was in your shoes 2 years ago. But man you are soooooo much braver than I was when I first started out! Although my wake up call was my divorce! YIKES! But I managed to go from 260lbs, yes I said 260lbs to 183lbs, which for my height and frame is pretty darn awesome and that is coming from my doctor. Since meeting my new boyfriend, I started to get "comfortable" and I have packed on 22lbs....NOT happy! So I'm back on my weight loss pill and limit my food intake to only Smart Ones and red bull and I'm walking 2 miles at lunch everyday:) I know I'm crazy but I'm starting to feel better already!! I tried to do QWLC but couldn't afford it but I'm sooo happy for you and your goals!! It really takes a slap in the face to finally say "holy crap you gotta do something!" I was in a size 22 at my heaviest...I hated myself, I was disgusted, disappointed and embarrassed to be seen in public; no I wasn't a morbid beast but my image of myself embarrassed me. I will always fight that self image demon, I'm fighting it right now as we speak but I'm TRYING to do better so I will be following your blog like an obsessed stalker!!! Good Luck Ape and you can rant, rave and cuss with me all you want to!!

  2. Thanks so much C! What a great testimony you have! Keep it up and we can encourage each other. thanks for the kind words girl!