Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 2 of "Cleanse"

I woke up today in a good mood. I felt refreshed and motivated from all the support here and on Facebook. And thanks to family members that have called and texted me.

I started out with my 2 eggs for breakfast again, on this beautiful 75 degree weather Cleanse Day 2. It is even more motivation when it is pretty outside and my favorite season is right around the corner. I mixed up my 1st bottle of Boost and chugged that on the way to work. All this protein makes me thirsty.

About 10:15 I had my 1/2 an orange again, I did better eating it this time. I found that if you just stick it in your mouth like you are doing the "monkey orange slice" smile and bite it, you don't get juice everywhere! And I drank my fruit protein drink which was a lot better than yesterday's orange-pineapple... Mixed Berry was pretty good.

I went in to QWLC for my "nutrition class" which consisted of them telling me what I can and cannot eat for the next 13 weeks. I got a print out I can take to the grocery store and shop for the things I need. I met with my counselor for a few minutes but I had to be back to work for a meeting so I told her I would be back tomorrow to check in and go over the booklet. And I want them to weigh me to see if this 3 days of eating protein and raw greens has paid off at all.

Oh, and apparently, I am drinking too much water, so I need to ask them what I can do since this stuff makes me really thirsty.

Of course they are going to push their "supplements" that are not "required" but will help you make your goal faster. One is some $80 Quick Trim appetite suppressant which I decided I am NOT getting because it's $80 AND I know those things don't work for me. I have tried them all. I can't imagine taking them along with the Boost drinks and other supplements anyway. I think my head would probably spin right off my body!

Next they push an EFA supplement. I did my research and there is nothing special about their pills except the fact that THEY think they are so special that they can charge $40 for them. No thanks. I will go to Walmart and buy some Fish Oil pills and that will do, thank you very much.

The third thing I am still thinking about buying. It is a supplement called KLB-5 which I cannot find any alternatives for online. There was one place that sold it for $36.50 with shipping, and it costs $40 at the center so I may just go ahead and get that. KLB-5 in a nutshell is Bromelain which is is some sort of enzyme that eats your fat; Lecithin that gets rid of fat in those "hard to reach places" and gives you energy and brain power; Blue-Green Algae which is protein and helps you not get hungry; Kelp helps the thyroid produce thyroxine which helps you to not be sluggish, tired and nervous, helps with overall thyroid performance and it doesn't like fat so it helps get rid of it; and finally Apple Cider Vinegar (Fergie takes a shot of this a day) which helps with arthritis, asthma, constipation and obesity and is rich in potassium.

I think that one would be good for me to try.

So I just ate my lunch  of salad greens, raw green beans (well I steamed them about half way through) and turkey deli meat. I can't WAIT for my caramel brownie bar snack later and I don't know what's on the menu for tonight, but 1-1/2 more days and I can have potatoes and watermelon and grilled veggies... stuff I don't mind eating on a diet!

Thanks again for all of the support!


  1. Hi April,
    I just looked up the KLB-5 on my natural medicine database at work and it has mixed reviews, but I don't think it would hurt you to try! Wanted to let you know that I did see it on Amazon ~$6-7 for a bottle of 100 that would last 16 days (taking 2 caps 3 times a day) if you were looking to try it at a lower cost! I am glad you did not fall to the pressure of the "special" supplements and over pay! They are the same thing on the Rite-Aid shelf with a fancier name and label! Keep up the amazing job. I can't wait to continue watching the progress.
    Kim D.